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Garden Hose Set With Nozzle 




-Product weight: 1.4000 kg

-Package weight: 1.4100 kg

-Package size (L x W x H): 15.20 x 25.20 x 11.00 cm / 5.98 x 9.92 x 4.33 inches

-Package Contents: 1 x Hose, 1 x Nozzle, 3 x Waterproof Ring, 1 x English User Manual

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Main Features:

- Widely Use: Garden hose set with nozzle is designed for outdoor cleaning. Perfect for flower watering, window and floor cleaning, car washing, pet showering etc. 

- Multi-functional Nozzle: The garden sprayer comes with 8 modes including vertical, shower, mist, center, flat, cone, full and stream. Twist the hose sprayer dial to choose an appropriate pattern easily. The 8 modes of watering meet various needs for cleaning, you can choose the "shower" to shower your pets or the " mist" to water flowers.

- Flexible Design: Coated with high-intensity polyester, it is heavy duty. The original length is 5m, and it can expand up to 15m after extension. The hose is lightweight so you can carry it easily to your garden. 

- Durability And High Quality: With the inner double hose made by 100 percent natural latex, the hose features high-pressure resistance, high elasticity and high resilience, it can be stretched easily and its shape will not change. Solid brass ends guarantee the garden house is absolutely leak-free, durable, corrosion-resistant and rust free so the hose can keep a long-lifetime.

- Space Saving And Comfortable Handgrip: The hose is flexible and knot-free, it's length can be changed based on your cleaning needs. It is collapsible and you can hang it up when it's not in use to save storage space. Handgrip features ergonomic design so you can handle comfortably and effortlessly. 

1. Completely drain water from hose when it's not in use.
2. Keep away from fire, strong acid, strong alkali and sharp objects.

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